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In consideration of the acceptance of this Application by the Ferraris and Fighters Exhibition Committee, Commemorative Air Force, Inc. (and the various wings, squadrons and divisions thereof).; Members and Volunteers of the Commemorative Air Force; The American Air Power Heritage Foundation, Inc.; The American Air Power Heritage Flying Museum, Inc.; The American Air Power Heritage Museum, Inc., West Houston Airport Corporation, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, principals, Partners, trustees, its subsidiaries and its affiliates, West Houston Airport Subdivision Owners Association, Inc., AeroVillas Hanger Homeowners Association, Inc.; we hereby: 1) accept the risks inherent in the event and release Ferrari of Houston, CAF-Houston Wing, Ferrari Club of America, its volunteers, committees, staff, and agents from any and all loss, liability, or damage caused to the Exhibitor or to the Exhibitor’s personal property, including claims for negligence arising from said event; 2) the Exhibitor confirms that the vehicle is insured and understands that Exhibitor’s vehicle insurance will be solely responsible for any property damage or liability claims that occur at said event; 3) Exhibitor gives permission to use any photographs submitted with the Exhibitor’s Application and photos taken at said event and information on Exhibitor’s automobile(s) for publication at such times and in such places without restriction as Ferrari Festival shall determine or permit, and the undersigned waives every claim for compensation. I have read the above and accept the terms and conditions.

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